Mrs. Oleander in the Florida Room: Robert Wexelblatt is professor of humanities at Boston University's College of General Studies. He has published the story collections, "Life in the Temperate Zone", "The Decline of Our Neighborhood", and "The Artist Wears Rough Clothing". He is also the author of a book of essays, "Professors at Play", as well as two short novels: "Losses" and "The Derangement of Jules Torquemal". His essays, stories, and poems have been published in a variety of scholarly and literary journals. His novel, "Zublinka Among Women", won the Indie Book Awards first-place prize for fiction. Another fiction collection, "Heiberg's Twitch", is forthcoming.  

A Touch of Garlic: Peter Indianna is a lifelong resident of Connecticut (USA) with his wife, daughter, and a quartet of dogs and cats. In his own words, he "writes about collectively unnerving and underbelly people for his own distorted satisfaction and a little bit of emotional therapy as he works in a psychiatric hospital where things never, ever go bump in the night." Recently, his short stories have been published online in "Silver Apples Magazine", "Horrified Press", and "Full Moon Books" anthologies.  

The Man Upstairs: Todd Outcalt is the author of thirty books in six languages with his most recent fiction published in "Nebula Rift", "Rosebud", and "Fiction Vortex". 

Carousel: Rachel Abbott is currently studying global affairs and creative writing at George Mason University. Her upbringing in beautiful but unexciting northern Maryland made her eager to see as much of the planet as she could, which so far has led her to live in New Orleans, Chile, Colombia, and northern Virginia. She believes in the beauty of the written word as a way to make life into art and to create inspired change. This is Rachel's first publication.