Five on the Fifth Pushcart Nominations

Five on the Fifth is delighted to be able to nominate for the illustrious Pushcart Prize. Our nominations can be found below.

Pushcart Nominations: 2016

"Nantucket" by Jessica Barksdale (Issue No. 11 | August 2016) 

"Synagogue" by Lindsay Haber (Issue No. 5 | February 2016) 

"Hands" by Gian Carla Agbisit (Issue No. 12 | September 2016) 

"Falling Away" by Josh Penzone (Issue No. 6 | March 2016) 

"The Bicycle Ride" by Mercedes Lucero (Issue No. 12 | September 2016) 

"Coyote" by Samantha Smith (Issue No. 10 | July 2016)