The artwork on the December 2015 issue of Five on the Fifth is entitled, "Am'ker #22", and is part of artist Kerry Rawlinson's larger "Am'ker" portfolio. The portfolio seeks to convey Woman and the world she inhabits as somewhat unearthly. In the words of Rawlinson, the images are "sophisticated, yet essentially primitive; gorgeously mysterious, yet slightly sinister." Rawlinson never uses Photoshop. Her art is created using both paint and digital media. 

About the Artist: Kerry Rawlinson has been a resident of both Zambia and Canada. She was a finalist in several poetry contests, hosted by Ascent Aspirations, Mississippi Valley, and Malahat Review, respectively. Her poems, sometimes with her artwork, have been published in Midwest Quarterly, ditchpoetry, Main St. Rag, Lantern Journal, 3Elements Review, Unshod Quills, and others. Her artwork has also been featured in the following publications: Qwerty, Wax Poetry & Art, Centrifugal Eye, Adirondack Review, and AColorProject. 


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