On Tap: Martha Clarkson manages corporate workplace design in Seattle. Her photography, poetry, and fiction can be found in monkeybicicyle, Clackamas Literary Review, Seattle Review, Alimentum, and more. She is the recipient of the 2005 Washington State Poets William Stafford Prize and is listed under "Notable Stories" in Best American Non-Required Reading for 2007 and 2009. 

The Secret of the Catch: Martin Jennings has earned a MFA from Spalding University. His fiction is forthcoming from MilkFist Magazine and in an anthology from Fiction Attic Press. He lives in Louisville, KY.   

Melody of Carpe Diem: Susan Sage received a B.A. in English from Wayne State University. As an undergraduate, she was the recipient of the Tompkin's Award in Creative Writing. Her writing has been published in Twisted Vines Literary Journal, Black Denim Lit, Corridors, and more. Susan is currently working on her second novel. Her first, Insominy, was published in 2010 (Virtualbookworm). 

The Lullaby: Simon McHardy is a writer of weird fiction living in Queensland, Australia. A trained archivist and historian, Simon began writing full-time in 2015. He is influenced by the works of Mervyn Peak, M. John Harrison, and Algernon Blackwood.    

Love Comes Tumbling Down: Daniel DeLeon is a writer and musician living in Chicago. His writing has been published in First Class Lit