Well-Being: Anna Sheppard's work has appeared or is forthcoming in Litmus Journal, Adroit Literary Journal, The Interlochen Review, and others. She will be attending the University of South Carolina Honors College in the fall.  

The Bayou: David Priest is a journalist based in Louisville, KY. He has published essays on his childhood in South Carolina. In his spare time, he watches every movie he can get his hands on, and tinkers with various stories.   

Control: Audrey T. Carroll is a native of Queens, NYC. Her poetry collection, Queen of Pentacles, is forthcoming from Choose the Sword Press. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in Fiction International, So to Speak, Feminine Inquiry, The A3 Review, and others.  

Dr. & Mrs.: Em Faerman is a writer and engineering technician living in southeast Florida. Her work has appeared in The Wrong Quarterly and Psychopomp Magazine

Wings: Kyle Massa's work has been published in Grimdark Magazine and Dark Fire Fiction.