Five on the Fifth's editorial team currently consists of two volunteer (unpaid) editors and four volunteer (unpaid) readers: 

Mahdis Marzooghian

Mahdis is co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Five on the Fifth. She is also Editor-in-Chief of Screen Fervor. She has a Master’s Degree in Professional Writing from Towson University. Mahdis is currently Assistant Managing Editor at Money Map Press, an Agora Publishing Company, based in Baltimore City. Her creative nonfiction essays have been published in West Virginia Wesleyan College's Heartwood Literary Magazine, University of Baltimore's Welter Literary Journal, and Mud Season Review. Her nonfiction essay, “A Persian Brew,” was published in Adirondack Review’s spring 2019 issue and her fiction piece, “Marriage Laundry,” was recently published in BULL Fiction Magazine. Additionally, she’s had a short essay, “Collection Connection,” published in the series anthology, Miso for Life: A Melting Pot of Thoughts in 2012 (available on Amazon). She writes as often as she can and recently finished her debut novel, for which she is currently seeking representation.

Mary-Anne Nelligan

Mary-Anne is Managing Editor of Five on the Fifth. She has a Master's Degree in Professional Writing from Towson University. Currently, she teaches at AACC and Towson University. Her work can be found in Gone Lawn, Crack the Spine, Duende, and Flash Fiction Magazine. Her most recent piece, “The Oyster Therapist," can be found in Gravel Magazine.

Jason Feingold

Jason is a Prose Reader for Five on the Fifth. After ending a fifteen-year career in teaching, Jason turned to writing, with works published in Infernal Ink Magazine, 99 Pine Street, Amarillo Bay, Allegory, Bewildering Stories, and the Bewildering Stories Second Quarterly and Annual Reviews, Ariel Chart, and Danse Macabre. He anticipates publication of a story in the Avalon Literary Review in May 2018 and another story in December 2018 in Good Works Review. With his pen name Simon Easton, he has published in Corvus Review, cc&d Magazine, and Five 2 One Magazine. He has also published in several anthologies, including the cc&d magazine, “Lost in the Past” December 2016 edition and in its Scars Publications collection books entitled, The Chamber and After the Blues. He has edited and contributed to an anthology of stories centered around a ruined home called The Seven Story House. He is currently contributing to and editing another anthology of stories that begin with something strange about a window. When he’s not writing, he’s reading, keeping house, being a husband, raising a son, chasing dogs, and volunteering as a Guardian ad Litem in the North Carolina county where he lives.

Shannon Slocum

Shannon Slocum is a Prose Reader for Five on the Fifth. She is currently pursuing her Master's of Fine Arts Degree in Fiction at the University of New Hampshire. So far, her work has been published in Five on the Fifth, The Rumpus, HelloGiggles, and elsewhere. You can read more of her work at:

Nathan Dennis

Nathan Dennis is a Prose Reader for Five on the Fifth. He is a Manhattan-based playwright and poet of Floridian extraction. He is the Cofounder and Producer for Little Shitty Theatre Company, through which he wrote and produced his original philosophical comedy Circle of Shit at Dixon Place in March 2019. Previous plays include Lord of Florida, which was awarded a reading series by PrismHouse Theatre Company in fall of 2017; and The Octopus, which was produced by Rogue Theatre Company in Tallahassee in 2016. He received his BFA in Dramatic Writing at NYU where he served as a Rita and Burton Goldberg Fellow, and was awarded Outstanding Writing for the Stage in Spring of 2015.

He served as a staff writer for the Radio Series: Desperate Nightmares from Christ the King, where he penned White Flight and Theatre of Christ. Nathan has had his poetry published in Verse-Virtual, The Society of Classical Poets, Unscooped Bagel, The Cabinet of Heed, and The Magnolia Review, where he received The Magnolia Review Ink Award for his poem “Meditations on the Creation.”

Jason Primm

Jason Primm is a Prose Reader for Five on the Fifth. Jason pursues modest goals in a coastal city and when he isn’t writing, he can be found sharpening his slice backhand. His poetry and fiction have most recently appeared in Stoneboat, Sweet Tree Review, Palaver, Atticus Review, Zone 3, and Bridge Eight. He maintains a blog at