Five on the Fifth's editorial team currently consists of two volunteer (unpaid) editors and five volunteer (unpaid) readers: 

Mahdis Marzooghian

Mahdis is co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Five on the Fifth. She has a Master’s Degree in Professional Writing from Towson University. Mahdis is currently Assistant Managing Editor at Money Map Press, an Agora Publishing Company, based in Baltimore city. Her non-fiction essay, "Going Back" was published in Heartwood Literary Magazine's October 2016 issue. Her non-fiction essay, "A Persian Brew" was published in Feminine Inquiry (Fem Inq) Literary Magazine's February/March 2017 issue. Her recent non-fiction essay, "Collarbone Confessions" was published in the December 2017 issue of University of Baltimore's Welter Literary Journal and her latest non-fiction essay, "Lingua Nova" was published in Mud Season Review's issue #35. Additionally, she had a short essay published in the series anthology, Miso for Life: A Melting Pot of Thoughts back in 2012. She writes as often as she can and recently finished her debut novel. Mahdis is also fluent in Farsi and French. She loves to travel.

Mary-Anne Nelligan

Mary-Anne is Managing Editor of Five on the Fifth. She has a Master's Degree in Professional Writing from Towson University. Currently, she teaches at two community colleges, CCBC and AACC. Her most recent work can be found in Gone Lawn, Crack the Spine, and Duende. Her most recent piece, “The Creek’s Daughter” was featured in Flash Fiction Magazine.

Cheryl Wollner

Cheryl Wollner is a Prose Reader for Five on the Fifth. Her work has appeared in Brooklyn Magazine's Books section, Gone Lawn, Unbuild Walls, Polychrome Ink, The Best of Loose Change Anthology and others. She is a literary magazine reviewer for New Pages, the blog managing editor for Luna Station Quarterly, and a sections editor for Polychrome Ink--a journal dedicated to diverse voices. Follow her asexual feminist blog here.

Simon Easton

Simon Easton is a Prose Reader for Five on the FifthAfter ending a fifteen year career in teaching, Simon turned to writing, with works published in the 99 Pine Street, Allegory, Amarillo Bay, Bewildering Stories, and Corvus Review literary journals, as well as Bewildering Stories Quarterly Review and Annual Review. He has also published in the cc&d magazine “Lost in the Past” December 2016 edition and in its Scars Publications collection book entitled, The Chamber. He recently edited and contributed to an anthology of stories centered around a ruined home called, The Seven Story House. His work, “Dream of the Taino Chief Dreaming” will be coming out in Five 2 One Magazine in February of 2017.

Chris Gaarde

Chris Gaarde is a Prose Reader for Five on the Fifth. He has a bachelor's degree in writing from Towson University and is a proofreader and occasional ghost writer for a newsletter publisher in Baltimore, Maryland. His work has been published in Grub Street, Towson University's literary magazine, and in 2014, he received a 1st place award in Non-Fiction from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. When he's not regaling his friends and coworkers with tales of his time as a funeral home assistant, land surveyor, and one-time amateur comedian, he can be found hidden away in the wilds of northern Maryland where he lives with his cat, Scout.

Nia Howard

Nia Howard is a Prose Reader for Five on the Fifth. She is originally from Southern California and is both a writer and editor. As an avid traveler, she has a passion for exploring and loves learning about the ways in which culture influences an individual’s storytelling and creative process. She enjoys poetry and fiction, and she hopes to one day publish her own work.

Shannon Slocum

Shannon Slocum is a Prose Reader for Five on the Fifth. She is currently pursuing her Master's of Fine Arts Degree in Fiction at the University of New Hampshire. So far, her work has been published in Five on the Fifth, The Rumpus, HelloGiggles, and elsewhere. You can read more of her work at