About the Authors

Park Stroll (Cover Photo): Hernando Caicedo is an actor, traveler, life searcher, and avid photographer. He is a frequent contributor to Five on the Fifth.

In the Mood: Hillary Tiefer’s short stories have been published in several journals, among them, Descant, Blue Moon Literary and Art Review, Grey Sparrow Journal, Mission at Tenth, Poetica Magazine, Red Rock Review, Crack the Spine, Juxtaprose Literary Magazine, The Literary Nest, and Smoky Blue Literary and Arts Magazine. Her short stories have also been finalists in contests for Folio, Hidden Rivers Press, and Glimmer Train. Her debut novel, "Lily’s Home Front," (Moonshine Cove Publishing) was launched in October of 2018. She has a PhD in English.

Going Through The Motions: Marie Hoy-Kenny lives in Ontario, Canada. Her fiction and poetry are published, or are forthcoming, in Cease, Cows, Cosmonauts Avenue, Eunoia Review, and Flash Fiction Magazine. She tweets @MarieHoyKenny.

Modern Art: Artem Belov is an author based in Russia. In 2019, he self-published a collection of short stories called "On the Other Side of the Cage" in Russian. His short fiction has featured in popular Russian magazine Machines and Mechanisms and will soon feature in the horror magazine Fantomas.

The Pool: Walter Ott is a professor of philosophy living in the United States.

Taut Lines: As a psychotherapist for over thirty years, Leisha enjoys her work, especially since it affords her the time to pursue her addiction to writing. Her poetry and short stories have appeared in The Alembic, Corium Magazine, The Cortland Review, HitchLit, The Minetta Review, and Upstreet among other journals and have been nominated for a Pushcart Prize in Poetry. In 2017, her collaborative book, "To Be Lost In Nature Is To Be Found," was showcased at the Desta Gallery in Marin County, CA.