About the Authors

Hello, Canada (Cover Photo): Hernando Caicedo is an actor, traveler, life searcher, and avid photographer.

Old Love: Tom Baragwanath is a writer originally from New Zealand, currently living in Paris. His work has been published in Headland, Across the Margin, The Eunoia Review, and elsewhere. He writes at www.tombaragwanath.com.

Evening in America: Katie Avagliano teaches college writing. She lives with her dog among bookshelves in New Jersey.

The Bear: Ed Nichols lives outside Clarkesville, Georgia. He is a journalism graduate from the University of Georgia, and is an award-winning writer from Southeastern Writer’s Association. He has had many short stories published, online and in print. He is currently working on a collection of stories.

Hellfire at the Royal Chicago: Marilee Dahlman grew up in the Midwest and currently lives in Washington, DC. Her other works have appeared in 34thParallel and Down in the Dirt.

Thoughtful Reduction: Nancy K. Dobson's work has been published in a variety of publications including The Sun Magazine, Noyo River Review and ARDOR. Dobson lives and teaches in Northern California.